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[The 2010-06-30 Flea Sobbery cartoon, showing the Bible verse John 3:16 with an asterisk on the promise of not perishing and having everlasting life: "Everlasting life valid only after death."

Always read the fine print.

  • [] Leader of Toronto 18 terror group denied release

    The article makes particular note of the legal mess that exists for terrorism suspects in Canada. Another article suggests reasons for the denial, including that Ahmad still didn’t seem to grok the seriousness of his intended crimes, and was indulging in minimization, equivocation and continued attempts to deceive and manipulate.

  • [] Three schools ditch Lord’s Prayer to avoid human-rights case

    They made the right choice, but they were hardly graceful about it, with their press release basically asserting “we think we could win, but don’t want to waste money trying”.

  • [] Pathway to extremism: what neo-Nazis and jihadis have in common

    There is a growing realization that extremism doesn’t have any particular affinity for particular religions (read: Islam), but rather that people who are inclined to be radical “shop around” for ideologies that promise to give their lives meaning. Here’s a quote from the expert in the article: It’s like when your immune system is down. You can guess you’ll get sick, but what sickness you contract depends on what you are exposed to.

  • [] Despite IS attacks, there is progress on counterterrorism

    It’s easy to make bad estimates on the prevalence of extremism and terrorism, because one incident captures more of our attention than a million non-incidents. But the reality is that we are winning, and the fact that we were able to carry on right away after Manchester is a heartening sign.

  • [] Vancouver woman says hijab invites racial abuse, harassment

    The bigots among us repeatedly express their bewilderment at how the hijab could possibly be seen as a symbol of freedom or feminism; well, here’s the answer, so try fucking listening for a change. So long as the hijab is used as an excuse to harass, demean, or belittle people, or to take away their rights (specifically, the right to wear it), then of-fucking-course the hijab will become a symbol of freedom.

  • [] Trudeau says Pope working on request for residential schools apology

    Trudeau had promised to pressure the Pope to make an apology for the Catholic Church’s role in the residential schools system, and it looks like he’s made good on his promise. Will an apology actually happen, though? The Vatican’s spokespeople seem noncommittal.

  • [] Andrew Scheer says he won’t impose his religious beliefs on Canadians. We’ll see: Neil Macdonald

    “We’ll see” just about sums up everyone’s attitude toward Scheer. It looks like Canada is sending the message that they won’t tolerate any social conservative bullshit from him, and it sounds like Scheer is receiving it. But will he actually keep his socon urges in check? We’ll see.

  • [] Senate committee rejects motion to narrow trans bill’s scope

    C-16 is very close to passage, despite efforts to gut it or block it, and despite long, unnecessary debates on the groundless FUD peddled by the right. But with only four weeks left, time is running out.

  • [] Scheer’s social conservatism is code for bigotry

    No punches pulled here, nor should there be. Perhaps we should even stop using the term “social conservative” as a genteel label for what is, ultimately, straight-up bigotry, science denialism, and injustice.

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  1. •[27-May-2017] Pathway to extremism: what neo-Nazis and jihadis have in common

    The comparison with a defective immune system is right on the money. Enormous systems of similar beliefs like religions or nation states are really just about us and them and ultimately OUR power and wealth being bigger than THEIR power and wealth. All the players are fundamentally the same it’s just that they’ve been coming from different places. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that 100 years from now the world will be a much more homogeneous place than it is today and that this will be the trend into the foreseeable future. The reality certainly seems to be that acts of extremism on both sides are an inevitable part of this process.

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