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Conversation with Gary McLelland – Chief Executive, International Humanist and Ethical Union

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How does IHEU fight for the rights of the religious and the non-religious? Gary McLelland: The IHEU is the only global democratic membership body for the range of non-religious organisations in the world. We are a network of atheist, humanist, laique, skeptic, ethical cultural and other groups. … Continue reading

Conversation with Terry Murray on Sexual Minorities, Religion, and the UK

SJ: What is the general perspective of the Christian population of the sexual minority population in the United Kingdom? TM: I’m an ex-Christian so I can’t speak as a member of that group. My answer will be my impression as an outsider.  For sexual minorities of faith, there is always … Continue reading

This Week in Religion 2017–09–17

Scott Douglas Jacobsen “Late in the NDP leadership race, fault lines are emerging in the NDP caucus over what Quebecers are looking for in their federal leader.

An Interview with Emily Newman — Communications Coordinator at American Ethical Union

  As our correspondence has unfolded, I have discovered that, not only you but, your family is steeped in ethical humanism, and ethical societies. So what is the deal? Where did your family first come into contact with ethical humanism? My parents were married at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical … Continue reading

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