White… er…uhm.. Pride

So, apparently …some posters were put up at some University type places around Toronto advertising for a website defending ‘western civilization’. I’m all for that. We should have a charter… or something. I’m about as western as they get, unless you count Alberta… they always like to unfairly corner that … Continue reading

Ontario’s Sex-ed Curriculum: Objections Overruled

In her National Post article, “Can we please put this garbage debate about sex-ed to bed?” Robyn Urback addresses the objections of “the parents who have wasted everyone’s time by pulling their children out of school in protest of the [Ontario government’s new sexual education] curriculum”: Objection 1: The curriculum … Continue reading

“Recognizing Lawyers from TWU Legitimizes Discrimination”

Today, the BC Humanist Association published the following information in the “News” section of its website: August 31, 2015 This morning The Vancouver Sun published our letter regarding Trinity Western University’s proposed law school. Our letter was in response to an opinion article by Barry W. Bussey, Director, Legal Affairs, at the … Continue reading

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