Exclusive Interview with Calistus Igwilo – President, Atheist Society of Nigeria

— Calistus Igwilo is the President of the Atheist Society of Nigeria, who was kind enough to give an extensive, exclusive interview with me. Here we talk about religious faith, atheism, and religion in Nigeria. — Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family grounding in religious faith? Calistus Igwilo: I was … Continue reading

When Political Ideology Eclipses Science: Evidence-Based Decision-Making and Harm Reduction

Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer, has made recent comments on harm reduction in practice (Conservative Party of Canada, 2017; CBC News, 2017). He is touring B.C. to boost the profile with voters (Ibid.). Scheer said, “I don’t believe that should be the focus…There’s nothing there that breaks that cycle of … Continue reading

Reflections on Hempstead’s Secular Humanism

I was reading an article in the Law Cruces Sun-News on secular humanism and naturalism, which made me begin to think some more about the philosophy in a similar way. Paul Kurtz was a hero to many. Hempstead opened the article with a quote by him. In echoing the thoughts … Continue reading

Chat with Isaiah Akorita – Head, Media Campaign Team, Atheist Society of Nigeria

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become an atheist? Isaiah Akorita: I wouldn’t say it was a single day. I was raised in a kind of liberal Christian home and although church attendance was strongly encouraged, I wouldn’t say my family was really fanatic about Christianity. I started having doubts in my … Continue reading

Conversation with Professor Tina Block on the Secular Northwest

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have done research into the secularism or irreligion in the Northwest, including the province of British Columbia and the state of Washington. You wrote on this in The Secular Northwest. What was the primary research question and finding? Professor Tina Block: I was interested in exploring … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with ​Stephanie Guttormson ​- Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

Stephanie Guttormson is the current Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science — a foundation she joined in March of 2013. Stephanie was the leader of an award winning student group at the Metropolitan State University of Denver which impressively brought in notable names such as Michael … Continue reading

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