Numbers matter. Be counted.

This pic shows the typical Canadian atheist: Add your name to the list of 12,031 Canadians who have contributed to this data. Be counted in the Atheist Census a project of Atheist Alliance International. h/t: CFI Calgary Atheist Census Atheist Census  

Alfred Russel Wallace On Dangerous Fruit

I’m slowly reading my way through The Malay Archipelago, by Charles Darwin’s contemporary and colleague Alfred Russel Wallace. I’ll probably have more to say later about this rather magnificent piece of scientific Victoriana, but for the moment I thought it would be fun to share a tangential musing of Wallace’s … Continue reading

9 Year Old Girl Replaces “God” with “Please” in O Canada & Festival Pulls Plug on Her Performance

On July 1st, I wrote a quick note about how PM Harper asked God to keep our true north strong and free in a Canada Day tweet. I find the PM’s repeated invocations of a deity that at least 25% of Canadians do not recognize divisive in a country that recognizes multi-culturalism … Continue reading

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