Canadian Secular Alliance Fundraiser


Sean McGuire at My Secret Atheist Blog has already discussed why you should contribute to Canadian Secular Alliance’s fundraiser in his post “Help Canadian Secular Alliance With Landmark Case Against Prayer In Municipal Assemblies.” Now it’s Canadian Atheist’s turn. The reason why CSA’s fundraiser is so important is best explained in CSA’s post:

Since its inception, the Canadian Secular Alliance has sought to protect the rights of all Canadians – ensuring that individuals have both freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

The CSA’s consistent and principled defense of secular ideals has now been implicitly recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada. In October, the SCC will consider the request of the Quebec Secular Movement (MLQ) to enforce the secularism of public institutions by prohibiting the recitation of prayers in municipal assemblies. The decision will affect all pending prayer cases currently before the courts in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

The CSA is one of only two secular organizations that have been granted leave to intervene in this landmark case against four religious institutions, which will be arguing for the continuation of public (predominantly Christian) prayers. To prepare the most effective presentation for the Supreme Court Justices, we need your help to defray essential expenses.

Please support the CSA as we seek to make Canadian legal history. Help us make Canada a more secular – and therefore more just – society.

Please support CSA’s cause by donating to the Canadian Secular Alliance, using the “Donate” button to the right of the CSA Prayer Case Fundraiser post.


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