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A while ago… last april?… so uh… 7 months ago, I wrote a post about Melody Hensley from CFI DC and her claim that harrassment caused her PTSD…. and how that claim caused her to be harassed on twitter. Well… CFI has leaped into action to defend her… as they should… once their seemingly generous summer vacations were finished…
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Atheist Bloggers Support CFI Project

Atheist Sean McGuire and I were pleased to co-sign a Centre for Inquiry (Canada) fundraising email: Fellow Freethinkers   If you’re like many people who care about secularism and the free-thought movement, you read blogs from around the world.  You may even have read Canadian Atheist  or My Secret Atheist Blog. … Continue reading

Salon??? Is that you?

“The need for frank talk about religion is most pressing as regards both Islam and Christianity, which proclaim their validity for all humankind and thus should be subject to universal debate and scrutiny.” Salon waxes uncharacteristically reasonably on religious critique: “Wake Up and Oppose Theocracy: Bill Maher, Rula Jebreal and … Continue reading

Court in Canada Allows Parents to Stop Chemotherapy in Favour of “Traditional Medicine”

I had thought about writing about the following case earlier but I was so annoyed that I was completely unmotivated to do so. Happily, Jerry Coyne wrote about it at WEIT but I’ll add my thoughts here as well. I am of course talking about the case of a First Nations … Continue reading

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