The Amusing and the Absurd

Peter Marsh’s tongue-in-cheek response to Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger’s bill to change the words ”all thy sons command” in “O Canada” to “all of us command” is amusing but oh so familiar:

Since the beginning of this country, 49% of the population has always dictated the customs and identity to the remaining 51% and that shouldn’t end. That’s not sexism; that’s tradition.

My grandpappy fought in many battles throughout Canada mostly on his leather chair lecturing to any family member who would listen about the dangers of granting suffrage to the ‘lesser sex’.

Every family has had a male relative who, from his seat at the head of the table, argued against giving women an equal place in Canada or the world. 

Marsh goes on to say (satirically)

We need to put a stop to this politically correct society that feels we need to acknowledge women as a part of our historical identity or are actual people.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just male armchair warriors who want to preserve patriarchy and maintain tradition. Karen Vecchio, Conservative MP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, plans to oppose Bélanger’s bill because “she views the anthem as a tradition that should be maintained.”

What other traditions does Vecchio want resurrected? Does Vecchio have no sense of history and no appreciation for the women who came before her and fought against the straight jacket of tradition?

Peter Marsh’s Beaverton article, “My Grandfather Didn’t Fight Suffragettes Just to Give Women a Gender-Neutral O Canada” is amusing. Karen Vecchio’s argument that women should be left out of Canada’s national anthem because of “tradition” is absurd. It’s time for Vecchio to update her calendar. It’s not 1916; it’s 2016.

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