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Today, BC Humanist tweeted a link to a blog post by Robert McMann: “Fighting For Secular Schools in Small Town Saskatchewan“:

My story has to do with the prayer in public schools conversations, debates, rage, et al that was being discussed here around a month ago. Some of us are still dealing with it, others have managed to make some positive changes. This is an example of the latter.

McMann’s post is recommended reading for people and groups who want to make  changes that benefit everyone:

It’s time our provinces take a step forward and invoke change. Positive growth and education change. One small ripple here could lead to a wave across the board. I want all children, not just my own, to learn in a religion free environment.

McMann focuses on Saskatchewan and Alberta, but Ontario’s education system needs to be changed as well because all Ontario children deserve to learn in a religion free environment.

Society and Culture Lecture

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