An Interview with Emily Newman — Communications Coordinator at American Ethical Union


As our correspondence has unfolded, I have discovered that, not only you but, your family is steeped in ethical humanism, and ethical societies. So what is the deal? Where did your family first come into contact with ethical humanism?

My parents were married at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture by an Ethical Culture Leader (our form of clergy) and became active members after having children. Continue reading

Conversation with A.M. – Ex-Muslim and Blogger, Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland)

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: As a law graduate from Pakistan, what was your experience there? A.M.: What I observed in Pakistan became the main reason for my conversion or the start of rebellion though it was a gradual and long process. Ultimately, it ended up in me becoming an ex-Muslim.

This Week in Religion 2017–09–10

This Week in Religion 20167–09–09 Scott Douglas Jacobsen “Confusion over Quebec’s offer to help Texans dealing with the effects of Harvey has generated a storm of a different kind, this one involving not wind and rain but religion and politics.

Weekly Update: to

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 2-Sep-2017 to 8-Sep-2017.

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