Leave the Goats Alone

Ages ago, when I had a crappy office temp job, the news reported a church arson. (Office chitchat was common but most people were polite enough to avoid politics and religion, in favour of sex and office gossip.) One of my coworkers reflexively blamed satanists and atheists for the arson. … Continue reading

We should be better

I have coworkers who are Muslims, and fortunately I work in a place where the employer attempts to accommodate minorities who don’t fit the traditional mold. It makes some people whine about special treatment, but I think treating people with a basic amount of respect is good for all. Not … Continue reading

Follow the money

I am not much for conspiracies, never attribute to maliciousness that which can more easily be explained by stupidity, but sometimes they end up being one and the same. A Canadian climate change denial group has popped up in a U.S. coal giant’s bankruptcy proceedings that have lifted the curtain … Continue reading

Horny as a priest

Obviously, #notallpriests, but yeah might want to hurry that up. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Montreal, Christian Lépine, has ordered that beginning sometime this year, priests and other pastoral workers in Montreal parishes will no longer be permitted to spend time alone with children. Also, a rule about not covering … Continue reading

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