“Scientific Realism & Structural Realism”

Adam Ford produces

Videos of conference presentations, interviews with interesting people, montages of ideas, attempts at short documentaries, and other amazing collections.

Ford’s August 15 video, “John Wilkins – Scientific Realism & Structural Realism,” features John Wilkins discussing scientific realism and answering the questions

Is there such a thing as a gene?

Are species real?

What does science imply?

What does science mean?

Is philosophy a waste of time?

Wilkins blogs at Evolving Thoughts.

BC Humanist Association’s Response to Assisted Dying Consultations

Ian Bushfield left a comment to yesterday’s Canadian Atheist post, “Debunking the National Post “: Make sure to also read the BC Humanist Association’s full response to the two consultations on assisted dying and add your own voice. I’ve read BC Humanist’s response, and I’m sharing it here: Allow assisted … Continue reading

Debunking the National Post

Ian Bushfield has posted an article on the BC Humanist Association website: “Debunking the National Post on Assisted Dying“: Ignoring the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision and the overwhelming majority opinion in Canada, today’s National Post View uses long debunked arguments to once again claim that legalizing assisted dying will … Continue reading

Wondering What Belief System Suits You Best? Try the Spiritual Belief System Selector!

Unsure which belief system suits you? No? Well, the Spiritual Belief System Selector is an interesting quiz anyway. From the site: How could a 20 question quiz that includes just over 2 dozen belief systems possibly work for everyone? Well, given that there are thousands of nuanced religions and faith … Continue reading

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