Canada Includes “All of Us”

There’s another piece of good news from another Liberal MP. An article in the Guardian, tweeted by BC Humanists, announces “Canada Considers Changing National Anthem to Include Country’s Women

Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger introduced a bill on Wednesday to change two words of O Canada so it recognises the country’s women as well as its men.

If passed, the third line of the anthem will change from “True patriot love in all thy sons command” – to “all of us command”.

While this is great news, as BC Humanists’ tweet suggests, “Perhaps it’s time to drop the god bit too…” Of course it is; in fact, it’s past time. However, until someone introduces a bill to remove God from the anthem, let’s celebrate the fact that Canada’s national anthem may soon acknowledge that Canada includes women.

H/T: Thank you to @BCHumanist for being on top of the news that interests Canadian Atheist and Canadian atheists

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