Will the Real monks please stand up

When is a monk not a monk?

When he scares the tourists?

Mills said that when people refuse to donate, the monks often grab their wrists and force red beaded bracelets on them. He said if people are unwillingly grabbed, these actions can be considered assault. On Aug. 12, police arrested 51-year-old Zongyin Wang for mischief interfering with enjoyment of property. On Aug. 19, he was arrested again near the CN Tower for breaching his conditions.

Unwillingly grabbed by a monk? Yeah that’s the Catholic Church’s turf, damn multiculturalism, immagrints is takin er jerbs!

Ontario’s Sex-ed Curriculum: Objections Overruled

In her National Post article, “Can we please put this garbage debate about sex-ed to bed?” Robyn Urback addresses the objections of “the parents who have wasted everyone’s time by pulling their children out of school in protest of the [Ontario government’s new sexual education] curriculum”: Objection 1: The curriculum … Continue reading

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