Canadians Fundraising for Syrian Refugees

While it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say, “Everybody is doing it,” many Canadian organizations are giving funds to help Syrian refugees: Toronto-Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Bank of Montreal collectively gave $1-million to the Red … Continue reading

White… er…uhm.. Pride

So, apparently …some posters were put up at some University type places around Toronto advertising for a website defending ‘western civilization’. I’m all for that. We should have a charter… or something. I’m about as western as they get, unless you count Alberta… they always like to unfairly corner that … Continue reading

Blasphemy Laws: Canadian Point of View

Canadian Atheist is pleased to present the first of the NicolSD videos from the Non-Conference 2015. Eric Thomas, President of Humanist Canada; Doug Thomas, President of Secular Connexion Séculaire; Christine Shellska, President of Atheist Alliance International; David Rand, President of Atheist Freethinkers (Libres penseurs athées) take part in what the organizer, Spencer Lucas, calls “The Panel of … Continue reading

“Scientific Realism & Structural Realism”

Adam Ford produces Videos of conference presentations, interviews with interesting people, montages of ideas, attempts at short documentaries, and other amazing collections. Ford’s August 15 video, “John Wilkins – Scientific Realism & Structural Realism,” features John Wilkins discussing scientific realism and answering the questions Is there such a thing as … Continue reading

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