Am I Still a Liberal If I Oppose Bad Ideas Some Minorities Hold?

As an atheist and a liberal, I find myself disagreeing with liberals more and more. Liberals have condemned Sam Harris for pointing out the dark side of Islam (even while he drew the distinction between ideas (Islam) and people (Muslims) and emphasized that he was criticizing ideas and not condemning an entire group of people), they’ve accommodated sexist requests in the name of making the religious comfortable and they’ve silenced dissenters for doing completely liberal things like practicing free speech and freedom of expression.

For this reason, I was delighted to discover that another Canadian feels exactly the same way and to boot, she’s an ex-Muslim so she has some perspective! I read her views in this post. Here is what she says about those who defend misogyny and other values that run counter to liberal principles in a misguided attempt to protect minority cultures/views:

It’s offensive that someone will defend misogyny and ‘bagging’ women because they assume it’s a part of my culture. No. Misogyny is only a part of my culture because everyone stands by and lets it continue. So join me in opposing it, or stay out of the conversation.

Very well said! Liberals should be standing up to this sort of thing instead of silencing those who do with shrieks of “racist!”. The post makes a very important point that when liberals outside the Muslim community silence one another, they silence liberal Muslims within it:

Canadian liberal media is cringeworthy with it’s (sic) inability to recognize soft Islamism. Under the guise of tolerance and acceptance it promotes such principles as universally ‘Muslim’, it fails to hear from people within the Muslim community who value secularism, free speech and equality. In this way, it’s not just the Fox News types but also liberal media that’s responsible for creating a one dimensional narrative as far as ‘depicting Muslims’ goes.

Should liberals outside the Muslim community not be standing with liberal Muslims inside it? My answer is, “yes” so I have to wonder if perhaps I’m no longer a liberal.

h/t Heather Hastie

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