Vancouver Pride 2015


@JeffInVanBC :

The 37th annual Pride Parade, which took place yesterday, was particularly significant because

organizers asked groups and politicians participating in the event to sign a Trans Equity Now pledge.

The BC Liberals refused to sign the pledge so the provincial party wasn’t represented, but Justin Trudeau, who “had already committed to march in Vancouver’s Pride parade,” began his election campaign by joining the hundreds of thousands of people who attended Vancouver Pride 2015.

The BC Humanist Association attended the parade, and Ian Bushfield, who has returned to Vancouver from the UK, makes an appearance at 1:42 in a BC CTV News video of the parade.

God is a Dog. Or something like that.

These sorts of signs have been cropping up all over North America, so I was not surprised to hear from Mark from Sudbury about this one in my mother’s old neighbourhood. In fact, I snapped a few shots myself. It’s sad that it’s right next to an indoctrination centre or what they call a child … Continue reading

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