New Zealand’s Cheeky Idea of God

New Zealand has a lot of atheists/unbelievers so they don’t need to worry about ticking off the more religious when they made this short film for a competition for New Zealand tourism.

My favourite line: “It’s nice to get home now and again, eh bro? Eat some ice cream. Do some bombs.”

Here is Mr. Frosty and the BMX Kid from 2010.

“The 64 Gazillion Dollar Question”

Before I received my Autumn 2015 issue of Humanist Perspectives, a friend asked me if I’d read Richard Young’s editorial, “The 64 Gazillion Dollar Question: How do you know?” I finally received my copy (I’m a subscriber), and I was so impressed with Young’s editorial I asked permission to reprint … Continue reading

Open Letter to Matthew-Anthony G. Hysell

Dear Matthew-Anthony G. Hysell Your position on transgender issues in “A More Catholic Understanding of Transgender Issues: Opinion,” published in the Edmonton Journal on October 6, 2015, is contemptible. You maintain, “the Church believes each human person is of infinite worth, from conception to natural death.” Tell that to the … Continue reading

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