Earth-shaking selfies

I do not wish to make light of the tragic deaths of the people who died as a result of Friday’s earthquake on Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia’s highest peak).  That being said, I’m trying to decide which is the worse reflection on the human condition:  The frivolous idea that it’s an accomplishment to take a selfie of oneself naked on a mountain, or the serious idea that by doing so one disrespects the mountain spirit, who responds in anger by causing an earthquake.

“Light My Fire”

Ever since I received the June 5 reminder about the “the opportunity to hear Jerry Coyne discuss his new book Faith vs. FACT: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible,” the song “Light My Fire” has been running through my head: The organizers of the Jerry Coyne Event are appealing to … Continue reading

Bigfoot Lives!

On Thursday, May 14th, the Toronto Branch of Centre for Inquiry Canada welcomed Jarret Ruminski to present “Bigfoot Lives!…Sort of: Why Sasquatch Persists in the Information Age.” NicolSD was in Toronto to film the event, and Ruminski’s presentation is Episode 1 of NicolSD’s latest video series “SkepTalks”:  

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