“Get Out of Religion Class” Coupons Make Catholic School Administrators Nervous

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Administrators at a Catholic school in Peterborough appear to be a bit nervous about their students learning the truth about religion classes. At least that is how it seemed when Canadian Atheist’s very own Veronica Abbass handed out “get out of that ‘mandatory’ religion class” coupons to students after class today (May 11) while school administrators kept an eye on her from the school’s entrance.

As reported in My Kwartha, Veronica stood outside school property:

…hoping to catch students who were walking home, to hand out a coupon that encouraged their right to get out of what the coupon describes as “forced Catholicism”…But Ms Abbass ended up spending most of her time chatting with the school’s administration and one concerned parent who wanted to make sure she wasn’t forcing student who didn’t want to talk about the issue to stop.

Perhaps readers would like to provide a coupon to a Catholic school student or two they may know! If you’d like to read more about Catholic school funding, check out the many informative posts on Canadian Atheist.

Thanks, Veronica for being a real activist for secularism!

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