Health Canada: Public Consultation Survey

On April 16, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article advising of an opportunity to inform government of “what information people want about drugs, how it should be available and who should provide it. The survey is open to anyone.”

There is a survey which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and includes an introductory question to self-identify as a member of the public or from a special interest group.

It is important to participate in processes such as these when they are available.  I’m sure that some fellow bloggers will have comments regarding efficacy of tools like this web-survey, but having worked in organizations where data like this is collected, I have the perspective that these things do from time-to-time provide meaningful input to decision makers.

Just as pharmaceutical industry representatives and medical professionals will want their perspectives heard, it is important that members of the lay public provide their preferences when it comes to access to healthcare system information.


h/t Diane Bruce

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