God is a Dog. Or something like that.


These sorts of signs have been cropping up all over North America, so I was not surprised to hear from Mark from Sudbury about this one in my mother’s old neighbourhood. In fact, I snapped a few shots myself.


It’s sad that it’s right next to an indoctrination centre or what they call a child care. My time in Sunday school didn’t indoctrinate me very well, so we can always hope it doesn’t with these kids.

There is supposed to be a joke here, and I suppose it is against dyslexics and/or atheists. Atheists atheist cartoons have a sense of humour and, it appears some dyslexics also have a sense of humour dyslexic with a sense of humour So it’s not like we can’t take a joke.

The sign only works as a joke against atheists with those who need their faith bolstered, and it’s not even that funny. For it to be funny one has to presuppose that their God exists since dogs obviously exist. Who knew? United Church is taking notes from Sye? To me it’s yet another good sign (get it?) that the religious are getting desperate, and I just laugh it off. After all, it’s their property and not a public property like a hospital.

True North Smart and Free

True North

Just in time for the anticipated announcement of an October federal election, Evidence for Democracy has launched True North Smart and Free:

a new website with a series of short, engaging, shareable stories that documents changes to how science is collected, communicated, and used in federal policy decision-making and what this means for Canadians.

Evidence for Democracy was a successful project, and the E4D t-shirt certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Now is the time to make sure federal political candidates are paying attention to the stories on “how science makes our country strong and examples of how that strength is being undermined by politics.” Consider voting for the candidate in your area that understands that evidence is more important than politics:

Please visit the website, share its stories, and take the Science Pledge, so we can make sure as many Canadians as possible understand how Canada’s greatness is founded upon its commitment science and making smart, informed decisions.


Weird Words


Today, @OxfordWords tweeted a link to the article “The 20 Weirdest Words Added to the Dictionary Because of Technology“:

1) Screenager (n.)
2) Meatspace (n.)
3) Slacktivism (n.)
4) Al desko (adv. & adj.)
5) MOOC (n.)
6) Netiquette (n.)
7) Dox (v.)
8) First World problem (n.)
9) Srsly (adv.)
10) Cyberchondriac (n.)
11) Lamestream (adj. & n.)
12) Gigaflop (n.)
13) Fat finger (n.)
14) Nom nom (exclamation)
15) Egosurf (v.)
16) Boyf (n.)
17) Vote (someone or something) off the island (v.)
18) Phablet (n.)
19) Woot (exclamation)
20) Facepalm (n.)

Note: The author didn’t include tweet (v.)

Woman on Porter Airlines Refuses to Switch Seats and Accommodate Sexism in the Name of Religion

Finally, a woman has refused to change seats on an airline to accommodate a sexist, religious request. As CBC reports:

Christine Flynn, 31, said she was buckled in and waiting for Porter Airlines Flight 121 from Newark, N.J. to Toronto to take off early on Monday morning when an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man approached.

The man made no eye contact with Flynn and instead asked men around her to switch seats. The men refused (good on them) and when the flight attendant asked Flynn if she would mind switching she explicitly refused! Flynn explains:

I have a problem with that. He [the flight attendant] probably, maybe, didn’t realize that asking a woman to move because the fact she had a uterus made the man next to her uncomfortable … I don’t think he even would have put it together that that’s kind of insulting and maybe even discriminatory….If someone had refused to sit next to me because I was gay and maybe they were some kind of old-school religion that doesn’t like gay people no one would have switched with him. It would have been off the table.

Good for her and I feel exactly the same way! I’m tired of bad behaviour being accommodated in the name of religion and I’m disappointed when people feel women should acquiesce to make these sexists comfortable.

If you’d like to read about similar incidents, Jerry Coyne has some good posts over at WEIT:

Source: Porter Airlines seat change may have been sparked by religious accommodation, says passenger – Nova Scotia – CBC News

Atheist Breast Cancer Support Group


Diana MacPherson‘s An Atheist’s Perspective on Cancer” received comments today from reader Karla. In her first comment, Karla replied to an earlier comment from Iwona who says,

I would like to be able to find a group of people (women) that are going through the same problems and are not constantly talking about praying and Jesus and God.

Karla who “Couldn’t agree more!!” suggests

It would be neat to start an Atheist Breast Cancer group on Facebook. What do you think? Make it private and about science and realism.

and offered to set up an account.

Karla’s Atheist Breast Cancer Support Facebook group is now available. It’s private so you have to ask to join. Say you are an atheist with breast cancer and Karla will approve your request.

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