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Toronto Star:

On Monday, Luc Rinaldi tweeted a picture of the sign below with the comment,

The typo isn’t a good start.


Yesterday, Heather Mallick called the parents protesting Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum “[b]ad parents” and sent a message to Ontario students:

Students, you have no idea how much noble Premier Kathleen Wynne is assisting your future happiness. Send her a thank-you card. Trust your fine teachers.

Now get back in class and plot your escape from your well-meaning, loving pitiful parents.

Today, Samer Mansour created a petition that asks Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to “Defend The Updated Ontario Sexual Education Curriculum”:

Sign this petition to send a thank you for the update to the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum, it was far over due and much appreciated 🙂 We need to show that many more people are happy and welcome the changes.

Everyone needs to sign Mansour’s petition because

Many ill-informed voices are taking over the social media sphere. Fueled by a ridiculous protest to pull kids out of school, there is an attempt to persuade public opinion and roll us back to a curriculum made before most of us had access to the internet.

Ottawa Catholic School Board proclaims their importance and relevance

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