We’ve had the stick, now it’s time for the carrot

After the recent Supreme court decision on Saguenay, many cities are removing prayer from council meetings. Unless you are Oshawa. Oshawa Mayor John Henry says “I’m proud to be a Canadian”, as though being religious was a necessary part of being Canadian. Marianne Wilkinson a councillor in Ottawa says “changing our entire history in many respects.” and “Canada was founded as a democratic country but it was a Christian country at the time”. I am not sure if she is lamenting the loss of Christianity or accepting that maybe atheists might actually exist. I suspect the former since she was one of the ones opposing the atheistbus campaign.

Yes, it is nice to see the law on our side for once but surely we should also be doing a better job of talking to our municipal leaders. Perhaps if we could show our politicians that we only eat baby spinach not babies it would be easier to for them to relate to us as fellow human beings and a growing voter base. Perhaps invites to Sunday Assembly where they can meet happy atheists or invites to public events involving humanists and atheists? I don’t know, but even if we are still ignored at least we can make the attempt.

Anthony Furey Says “Time to Grow Up”

Anthony Furey is pissed off annoyed with the Supreme Court of Canada because it ruled that municipal council meetings can’t begin with prayers. Although Furey has his own opinion on prayers in municipal council meetings, back in 2011, I wrote that Ottawa city council shouldn’t begin meetings with a prayer: … Continue reading

The Supreme court decision on prayer and Ottawa

The good news is that the Supreme court decision against prayer in Saugenay Quebec had an immediate effect here in Ottawa with mayor Jim Watson replacing the supposed non-denominational prayer with a moment of silence. This is somewhat better than prayer but still gives the impression that some spiritual moment … Continue reading

Selling vaccination

It is generally accepted that we are failing to convince many of the value of vaccination and part of it is our tendency to talk to ourselves and then insult those who are not convinced. Angelina Chapin echoes my thoughts about our presentation. Angelina Chapin writes “Many Canadians fist-pumped when they heard CBC … Continue reading

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