World’s 1st & Only Gay Object: The Gay Sweater

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, is International Day of Pink. Laureen Harper will be wearing pink tomorrow

to show [her] support for Canadian teens across our country who have been bullied, beaten up and, beaten down. . . . [She] will be wearing pink in support of tremendous Canadian organizations like the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (formerly Jer’s Vision). Organizations that work tirelessly to combat all forms of bullying.

To celebrate International Day of Pink, The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) is celebrating with “the world’s 1st & only gay object: the gay sweater” as the focus of the celebration

to bring attention to the negative and incorrect use of the word ‘gay’ or the phrase ‘that’s so gay’. To combat this issue, we’ve made the first and only object in the world that can be called ‘gay’ without being meant as an insult: #TheGaySweater.

Gay Sweater

Knit from the hair of hundreds of LGBT donors, #TheGaySweater is an icon that will remind people how ridiculous it is to call something ‘gay’, and that we shouldn’t be calling things ‘gay’ unless they truly are.

Watch the video, and wear pink tomorrow:


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