Defending God at the Library

Ok, I know I should be taking this all serious, but gods getting censored at the local library tickles my irony bone. (Get your mind out of the gutter)

An Ontario woman whose community newsletter was banned from her local library has won the right to distribute it on the institution’s pamphlet stands, after a year-long battle that nearly ended up in court.

Good for her, censorship of books…. And pamphlets is bad, even ones with silly things in them.

“Pointedly, this Constitution opens with the declaration stating that ‘Canada is governed under the supremacy of God and the rule of Law,’ ” she wrote. “Yet, why are we law-abiding citizens allowing these apostates and atheists, who are in the minority, to install their undemocratic rule of terror in which mention of His Name has become anathema in public governments, their arms-length commissions, colleges of physicians and surgeons, universities and some secular media?”

And then the full measure of the fascist librarian-government complex fell on this poor woman, whose only crime is defending Thor.

Hell no.

Seriously, he’s one of the Avengers, damnit. You don’t censor the God of Thunder and live to tell.

Moral damages

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Leave the Goats Alone

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