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Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 29-Jul-2017 to 4-Aug-2017.

Answers in Absurdity: Putting the Crazy in Creation Science

By BillyBob Is creation science so bad that a layman can refute it? Christian creationist apologist Andrew Snelling in his Answers in Genesis article “Radiohalos—Solving the Mystery of the Missing Bullets” makes a claim so ridiculous that anyone with a pinch of skepticism, an Internet connection and an IQ over … Continue reading

Doonesbury Cartoon Wittily Addresses Creationism

An amusing Doonesbury cartoon perfectly captures my way of addressing those who do not accept evolution. I often ask them if they get the flu shot (assuming they aren’t also anti-vaxers). This Scientific American article is also helpful. h/t Jerry Coyne’s Post @ Why Evolution Is True

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