James Lunney: Again and Again and Again

Over the past week, James Lunney, Conservative Member of Parliament for Nanaimo – Alberni, has been in the news and has been discussed on blogs inside and outside Canada. Sean McGuire calls Lunney an “Anti-Evolution, Climate Change Denying, Anti-Vax MP,” and Larry Moran says, “Poor James Lunney resigns from the … Continue reading

“You Know the Story”

In today’s post on The Inside Agenda Blog, Steve Paikin asks, “Would the Ontario Government Ever Consider De-Funding the Catholic School System?” Paikin begins his article by providing some familiar background about public funding of Catholic schools in Ontario: You know the story. Nearly 150 years ago, the Fathers of … Continue reading

Ontario’s Eden

While it’s not a secret that along with funding Ontario’s public, but separate, Catholic schools, Ontario taxpayers are funding a religious high school nestled within the District School Board of Niagara, it’s not widely known. Eden High School is a publicly funded secondary school that operates as an alternative secondary … Continue reading

Recommended Reading

In an article in Pink News, National Secular Society President Terry Sanderson says exactly what I’ve been thinking: “Ignore the PR, the Catholic Church Continues with Its Grotesque Homophobia.” Sanderson is furious with gay rights groups’ reaction to the Reuters report on the results of the Catholic Church’s Extraordinary Synod on … Continue reading

“Homophobia on the Syllabus”

G. Elijah Dann shared a link on the Canadian Atheist Facebook page to his Huffington Post article, “Trinity Western University Put[s] Homophobia on the Syllabus.” Dann starts by discussing Bill Maher’s comment on Real Time with Bill Maher: “There are 80 countries with anti-gay laws punishable by death in about 10 … Continue reading

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