Indi’s MLQ v Saguenay review: The Supreme Court decision

Thus far in the series, I’ve told the story of the events leading up to the landmark Mouvement laïque québécois v Saguenay (City) ruling. Now it’s finally time to talk about the ruling itself.

Anthony Furey Says “Time to Grow Up”

Anthony Furey is pissed off annoyed with the Supreme Court of Canada because it ruled that municipal council meetings can’t begin with prayers. Although Furey has his own opinion on prayers in municipal council meetings, back in 2011, I wrote that Ottawa city council shouldn’t begin meetings with a prayer: … Continue reading

Prayer in a Public Hallway

The same day as the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the city of Saguenay, Quebec to stop praying inside its council chambers, Cecil Clarke, the mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, announced “One way or another we will do the prayer, and if I have to do that prayer … Continue reading

No Praying in Saguenay City Council

It’s official, The Supreme Court has ruled that a Quebec [city of Saguenay] town must stop reciting a prayer at the start of city council meetings, in a ruling that spells out the limits on faith in the public sphere in Canada. The SCC decision is available at the Lexum … Continue reading

Recommended Reading: “Assisted Dying Coming to Canada”

In his guest post for Canadian Atheist, Eric MacDonald says while there are a number of very positive responses to the decision, the reader will be regaled by many who are predicting disaster when the law comes into force. In his “initial thoughts” on the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision … Continue reading

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