Survey on the Parliamentary Committee’s Physician-Assisted Dying recommendations, part 1: what the survey respondents got right

On February 25th, the federal Parliament’s Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying (PDAM), established following the 2015 Supreme Court ruling striking down the ban on physician-assisted dying, released its first report.

Which is worse, being Christian or being Conservative?

Just this week, the Angus Reid Institute released an interesting survey about Canadian attitudes toward the European refugee/migrant crisis. Most of the results really weren’t all that surprising. Canadians support intervention to help the refugees by a slim margin (54%), though that support comes mostly from voters leaning Liberal and … Continue reading

Yet another survey shows majority support for defunding Ontario’s Catholic school system, but does it matter?

Poll numbers in Ontario are up! No, not for the Ontario Liberals – they’re in the basement and digging (say hi to Justin Trudeau while you’re down there!). I’m talking about public support for ending the publicly funded, separate Catholic school system. I don’t imagine anyone who reads this blog … Continue reading

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